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Pre-payment Information

If you have an SBA 504 Loan: We can provide an estimated payoff amount to you for planning purposes. Once you decide to pay off your loan, please keep this information in mind:

  • Premier Capital must have a 45 day written notice (which we can provide) that the loan is going to prepay.
  • 504 loans can only be pre-paid on the 3rd Thursday of every month.
  • The payoff amount is the sum of the following: Outstanding note balance at the semi-annual date; monthly payments (minus fees) due up to an including the semi-annual month; and prepayment premium (if any).
  • A prepayment penalty may apply. The prepayment penalty is a declining amount over the first half of the term of the debenture.
  • Please contact our office immediately for more information and to establish a payoff date.

Wiring Instructions

Your payment must be either automatically deducted or wired to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, as they do not accept checks. Most borrowers prefer the automatic deduction method. In the event your automatic deduction did not go through, for whatever reason, you will be asked to wire in your payment.

The wiring instructions are as follows:

Wells Fargo Bank, NA
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA  94104

ABA #: 121000248
Beneficiary Acct #: 4000113241
Beneficiary Acct Name:  SBA 504 Master Deposit Account
Reference:  Loan # (Your SBA Loan Number)
Reference:  Loan Name (SBA Loan Business Name)
Amount to be wired: your loan payment amount

All payments received after the 15th of the month will be assessed a late fee of $100.00 or 5% of your loan payment, whichever is greater.

Insurance Information

Pursuant to the terms of your Deed of Trust, you are required to insure your property for the full insurable value on a replacement cost basis. Evidence of Property Insurance must be provided and kept current for the life of loan by the owner of the property. Premier Capital Corporation and/or the U. S. Small Business Administration is to be listed as a second mortgagee, worded as follows:

Premier Capital Corporation and/or
U. S. Small Business Administration
151 N. Delaware St. # 750
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Please have your agent forward a copy of your policy to our office. Please note we requireBuilding Coverage carried by the property owner along with liability and workers compensation coverage carried by the operating company.

Businesses deemed to be located in a flood zone must purchase Flood Insurance on the property. Flood Insurance must be provided for and kept current for the life of the loan by the owner of the property. If there has been a change in the flood zone where you are located and you feel insurance is no longer needed, please call our office at (317) 974-0504 and ask that the requirement be removed.

Year-End Financial Statement Information. What do you need?

A Financial Statement is a written report that reflects the financial condition of an individual or business. Business Financial Statements include a balance sheet and income statement (profit and loss statement), and should be prepared by an independent qualified public accountant. Year-end refers to the fiscal year-end of the operating small business.

Current Balance or Address Change

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