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    504 Fixed Rates    
Purchase Land or Building   
Note Rate
Effective Rate*
Construction contingency   
Furniture, fixtures & equipment   
*The spread between the Note Rate and the Effective Rate is made up of servicing fees included in the 504 monthly payment, similar to an APR.
  Professional/Other fees       
  Total Project       
Bank Int Rate    %
  Bank Amort    yrs            
Bank % of Proj    %
  Cash Down %    %            
Source $ % Rate
Am Monthly Payment
Bank Loan
504 Loan    
Cash Down Payment Monthly Debt Service
Total Financing
Annual Debt Service
  Fees included in gross loan amount          
Guarantee fee
Funding fee
Processing fee
CDC Closing fee
Underwriter's fee
SBA 504 Portion of Project
SBA 504 Note with fees
Balance to borrower